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La Residence ushers in a new era of grandeur in Mykonos

An oasis of graceful living, La Residence captures the glamour and sentiment of Colonial chic in lavish surroundings, 24 elegant suites, spa, five pools and five plus star luxuries. In an exclusive atmosphere, La Residence expresses the enchanting flair of a majestic epoch, where time meant days and nights of leisure, and every moment was a celebration of splendid refinement. The hotel's unique setting is distinguished by colonial pillars and exotic, regal palms. A medley of crystal, handmade mosaics, fine silks, and designer, French colonial-style furniture reflect the hotel’s privileged world of culture, taste, ultra modern technologies and discreet luxury. La Residence welcomes you to experience the distinctive lifestyle of a unique, boutique hotel on one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan islands, where the French Riviera glam-chic ambience meets the mesmerising Aegean blue of Mykonos.


  • Kalafatis Bay

  • 846 00 Mykonos - Greece

  • Tel: +30 22890 71349

  • Fax: +30 22890-71898


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