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The new Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU will apply from July 20, 2016

Directive 97/23/EC (PED) will be fully superseded by directive 2014/68/EU from July 20, 2016 onwards. Article 13 of the new directive (classification of pressure equipment) has already been in effect since June 1, 2015, replacing article 9 of directive 97/23/EC

The new Directive was published on May 15, 2014 in the Official Journal of the European Union and the full text is available here.

There are a wide variety of changes in 2014/68/EU, the main changes are:

• Fluid group classification will now follow the CLP Regulations 1278/2008 per 2014/68/EU Article 13. This regulation introduced a division and categorisation structure for different fluid types, with the aim of clearly and accurately identifying and marking labelling and packaging for these fluids. The PED has been updated to recognise these new categorisations. The fluid groups cited in 2014/68/ EU remain the same, i.e. 1 and 2. Fluid Group 1 still includes flammable, toxic and oxidising fluids, and Fluid Group 2 includes all other fluids not captured in Group 1. However, the seven Fluid Group 1 descriptors cited in PED 97/23/EC Article 9 clause 2.1 have been replaced by seventeen group 1 descriptors in 2014/68/EU Article 13 clause 1a. Fluid group 2 remains the same, i.e. those fluids that aren’t in group 1. It is possible that some fluids may have changed groups but most will remain the same. Further guidance on the impact of the CLP can be found on the HSE website:

• Distributors and importers are now included and have legal obligations placed upon them

• Some conformity assessment modules have been renamed and the requirements for manufacturers and notified bodies restructured:

- Module A1 is now Module A2 and Module C1 is now Module C2 – both new Modules A2 and C2 have enhanced explanations relating to technical file requirements and Notified Body involvement.

- Module B – EC Type Examination and Module B1 – EC Design Examination in 97/23/EC have been integrated together under new Module B

– EU Type Examination in 2014/68/EU. There are two routes to this EU Type Examination – Production Type (similar to Module B in 97/23/EC) and Design Type (similar to Module B1 in 97/23/EC)ATEX Directive 94/9/EC will be repealed with effect from April 20, 2016 and manufacturers must declare the conformity of their products according to the new Directive 2014/34/ EU. During the European Commission’s ATEX workshop, which was held in September 2015, it was recognized that manufacturers can declare the conformity of their products before this date as follows: − to Directive 94/9/EC, indicating the withdrawn date (up to April 19, 2016) − to Directive 2014/34/EU indicating the date of application (from April 20, 2016) − and using the new form of the EU declaration of conformity as described in Annex X of Directive 2014/34/EU ABB has initiated a process to revise all EU declarations of conformity according to Annex X by declaring compliance with both Directives as follows: “The motors covered by the declaration described above are in conformity with the relevant Union harmonization legislation: Directive 94/9/EC (until April 19, 2016) and Directive 2014/34/EU (from April 20, 2016)”

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